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Honeywell MPR MicroPressure Sensors

Honeywell’s MPR MicroPressure sensors are small, ported pressure sensors that can be used in medical, industrial, and consumer applications. MPR series sensors are available in pressure ranges up to ±2.5 bar. They integrate a 24-bit ADC and an ASIC that provides a calibrated and compensated measurement over an SPI or I2C interface. 

The sensors are highly accurate but are also specified with a Total Error Band, which goes beyond a typical accuracy spec and provides true performance over the compensated temperature range, allowing for greater interchangeability and less testing and calibration in manufacturing. Multiple gel options, including medical and food grade, allow the sensors to be used with various liquid media and gases.

  • Dimensions: 5 mm x 5 mm
  • Pressure Range: Up to ±2.5 bar, absolute or gage
  • Output: 24-bit, calibrated and compensated
  • Interface: SPI or I2C (9 I2C addresses)
  • Total Error Band: ±1.5% FSS BFSL
  • Gel: None, Silicone, Food Grade, Fluorosilicone

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