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Honeywell RSC TruStability

Honeywell RSC TruStability board mount pressure sensors are calibrated and temperature compensated, with a total error band as low as ±0.25% of their full-scale span and accuracy rated at ±0.1%. The sensors are designed for use in flow monitor and control systems in medical and industrial applications, with non-ionic, non-corrosive gases. RSC TruStability sensors are available for absolute, differential, and gage pressure measurements, with various pressure ranges and pressure ports to suit application needs. Sensors are available in surface mount or through-hole packages, with a miniature package size of 10 mm x 12.95 mm.

  • Total Error Band: as low as ±0.25% FSS
  • Accuracy: ±0.1% FSS BFSL
  • Pressure Types: Absolute, Differential, Gage
  • Pressure Ranges: ±1.6mbar to ±10bar | ±160Pa to ±1MPa | ±0.5inH2O to 150psi
    • Absolute Ranges: 1bar to 8bar | 15psi to 150psi
  • Pressure Ports: Axial, radial, barbed, barbless

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