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Honeywell SEK001 Sensor Evaluation Kit

Honeywell’s SEK001 sensor evaluation kit is an Arduino shield for demonstrating Honeywell’s TruStability RSC series pressure sensors. RSC sensors are 24-bit, high accuracy sensors with integrated EEPROM and an SPI interface providing pressure measurements at up to 2000 samples per second. The sensors are factory calibrated and temperature compensated with a total error band as low as 0.25%. Honeywell provides code for the Arduino so users can quickly evaluate the capabilities of the sensors. The sensor can also be placed remotely using wire leads, for evaluation in prototypes or different environments. The SEK001 is also compatible with digital output versions of Honeywell’s HSC and SSC series TruStability pressure sensors.

  • Arduino Shield for TruStability™ pressure sensor evaluation
  • Sensor Compatibility: RSC, HSC, SSC series
  • RSC Series: High Resolution, High Accuracy
    • Accuracy: ±0.1% FSS BFSL (Full-Scale Span Best Fit Straight Line)
    • Total Error Band: as low as ±0.25% FSS
  • Remote sensor mounting option

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