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Infineon Automotive USB Wireless Charging EZ-PD™ CCG7D Dual USB PD Controller | Product Sociable

April 11, 2023 by Infineon Technologies

Infineon’s CCG7D provides a platform to enable USB-C connectivity within the car to reshape cockpit architecture towards a service-oriented and software-defined car.



Infineon Automotive USB Wireless Charging EZ-PD™ CCG7D Dual USB PD Controller

The USB-C standard released during the fall of 2014 superseded the type-A and type-B connectors by addressing their shortcomings with a faster data rate of 10 Gbps as well as power transfer.

Since its release, it has gained rapid support by enabling slimmer Notebook PCs, traverse multiple protocols like video along with USB data.

As USB-C continues to permeate all consumer devices, the need for USB-C Power Delivery capable ports in cars is increasing.

Trends in the electrical architecture of modern vehicles are shifting towards software-defined-vehicles that are founded on the principles of high performance computing using domain controllers to integrate multiple functions.

This includes the cockpit domain controller that would manage the functions of the instrument cluster, head unit, heads up display, infotainment, and audio processing into multiple ECUs.

The Infineon EZ-PD™ CCG7D is a highly integrated and programmable dual-port USB Type-C Power Delivery solution with integrated buck-boost controllers. It complies to the latest USB Type-C and PD specifications to enable USB-C implementations within the automotive cockpit. The CCG7D can be powered up from the automotive battery and receive certified firmware over-the-air upgrades.

With the CCG7D, USB-C connectors can connect to a Head Unit for USB-C Power Delivery along with USB data connectivity from a phone, to support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, or a USB Storage Device to stream content.

The CCG7D can also be implemented in the move from the traditional head unit to the cockpit domain controller to enable USB-C power delivery and content streaming.

The CCG7D can also be used in rear-seat charging and entertainment systems connected with USB-C feature video display monitors to either provide 100 W of power for fasting charging, or stream video content from a phone, tablet or console, over the USB-C connector.

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