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Infineon BCR430U Low Drop Voltage LED Driver IC

Infineon’s BCR430U Low Drop Voltage LED Driver IC efficiently controls up to 100 mA of LED current without using an external power transistor. The BCR430U integrates a regulator with thermal shutdown, band gap and bias generator, current generator, LED driver, transistor, and current sense resistor in an SOT23 package to efficiently control current through LEDs. The voltage drop at the integrated LED driver stage is less than 200 mV at 50 mA for improved efficiency, and the device is rated for a 6 V to 42 V supply to operate from a wide range of LED configurations. LED current is set with an external resistor an is controlled to within ±5% at 95 mA. Compared to discrete solutions, the BCR430U lowers BOM count and assembly cost, improves reliability, and is ideal for current control in LED strips and displays, architectural and landscape lighting, and retail lighting.

  • LED Current: up to 100 mA
  • Integrated regulator with thermal shutdown
  • LED Driver: <200 mV drop at 50 mA
  • Package: SOT-23-6
  • Supply Voltage: 6 V to 42 V
  • LED Current Precision: ±5% at 95 mA

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