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Infineon's CoolMOS P7 Power Transistors

Infineon’s CoolMOS P7 Power Transistors are now available in the cost-effective SOT-223 package, giving designers more options to address challenges in SMPS designs. 700V and 800V CoolMOS P7 are optimized for low-power flyback topologies, while 600 V CoolMOS P7 transistors are suitable for low- and high-power hard and soft switching designs, including flyback, PFC, and LLC. The transistors offer higher efficiency, lower switching losses, and lower device temperature than competing transistors. The SOT-223 package offering is a more cost-effective drop-in replacement for existing DPAK designs, with nearly identical thermal performance. If needed, thermal performance can be matched to DPAK packages by expanding the copper pad, while lighter loads can use a reduced footprint for more design flexibility.

  • 700V/800V for low-power flyback
  • 600V for low- to high-power flyback, PFC, LLC
  • Up to 3.9% higher efficiency, 5% lower switching losses
  • SOT-223: ~2°C–3°C increase on DPAK footprint, same temperature with +20 mm copper area
  • 10°C increase on SOT-223 footprint

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