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Infineon DC EV Charging Solutions | Featured Product Spotlight

July 09, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

These DC EV solutions utilize advanced power semiconductors to enable fast, efficient charging.

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Infineon DC EV Charging Solutions

Infineon’s DC EV charging solutions utilize Infineon’s advanced power semiconductors to enable fast, efficient EV charging.

Future EV chargers are expected to exceed 300kW in order meet consumer demands for minimal charging times even as battery capacities grow, and as chargers increase their power ratings, efficiency and high power density will be even more crucial.

Infineon 1200V CoolSiC™ MOSFET Modules enable these next-generation chargers. They feature a high drain current up to 100A and RDS, on as low as 11mΩ. The modules use a compact EasyDUAL™ 1B package with press-fit contacts and an integrated NTC temperature sensor, and they’re offered in half-bridge and booster configurations. 

The modular design makes it easy to scale to higher power levels, as modules used in parallel increase power handling, with the added benefit of reducing equivalent RDS, on for higher efficiency. The modules also feature the lowest gate charge and device capacitance, allowing for faster switching and smaller magnetics for a more compact design.

Infineon also offers products to safely drive and control the CoolSiC MOSFET Modules. Galvanically isolated drivers with coreless transformer technology simplify driver circuits, while the XMC4000 series of Arm® Cortex®-M4F-based MCUs offer performance and peripherals tailored to digital power conversion. 

To learn more about Infineon’s 1200V CoolSiC MOSFET Modules, gate drivers, and microcontrollers for fast DC EV chargers, visit

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