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Infineon DPS310 Digital Pressure Sensor

Infineon’s DPS310 is a low-power digital pressure sensor for wearable and battery-powered devices that monitor activity, elevation, motion, and weather. The DPS310 offers precision to ±0.005 hPa and relative accuracy to ±0.06 hPa, and it also includes a temperature sensor and factory-programmed calibration coefficients for measurement compensation. The sensor supports a manual command mode and an automatic background mode, performing measurements at the configured rate and precision. It can store up to 32 measurements in its FIFO buffer and trigger an interrupt when measurements are ready when the buffer is full, or both. This reduces MCU polling and allows it to stay in a low-power state until needed, further reducing power consumption.

  • Operation range: Pressure: 300-1200hPa
  • Pressure sensor precision: ± 0.005hPa (or ±0.05m) (high precision mode)
  • Relative accuracy: ±0.06hPa (or ±0.5m)
  • Calibration: Individually calibrated with coefficients for measurement correction
  • Operating modes: Command (manual), Background (automatic), and Standby
  • FIFO: Stores up to 32 pressure or temperature measurements

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