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Infineon iMOTION Design Kit Platform

Infineon’s iMOTION modular application design kit platform consists of multiple control and power boards that can be paired together for sensored or sensorless 3-phase motor drive applications. Control cards are based on either the XMC1302, which supports Hall and 3D magnetic sensors as well as FOC, or the IRMCK099M, which includes a motion control engine and GUI for easy motor parameterization without C programming and an FOC algorithm in hardware. The control boards connect to power boards, which are based on Infineon power modules with integrated transistors and gate drives and other features for excellent thermal and electrical performance. The platform enables designers to quickly scale power levels and shorten design time, setting up a complete motor drive system in under an hour.

  • XMC1302 Control Card
    • ARM Cortex-M0 MCU for sensored or sensorless motor control
    • Preloaded sensorless FOC firmware
  • IRMCK099M Control Card
    • Easy to use MCE Designer GUI to set/analyze control parameters
  • Power Boards based on Infineon CIPOS™ modules
    • Modules up to 600 V/10 A

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