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Infineon Technologies CY7C652xx EZ-USB™ Serial Bridge Controllers | Featured Product Spotlight

December 06, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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Infineon Technologies CY7C652xx EZ-USB™ Serial Bridge Controllers

The Infineon EZ-USB™ Serial Bridge Controller CY7C652 is a family of full speed bridge controllers offering both configurable and fixed-function options.

This family offers configurable serial channels for UART, I2C, SPI interfaces, with a low power consumption in stand-by mode.

With the latest addition of fixed-function controllers, it can be easily configured to work as USB to UART, USB to I2C, or USB to SPI bridges without requiring any firmware development by the user.

These controllers integrate the industry-leading CAPSENSE™ capacitive-touch sensing technology and USB-IF Battery Charging specification version 1.2 to detect the source of power on the USB port.

No software or firmware development is needed for Infineon´s EZ-USB™ Serial Bridge Controller CY7C652 family, with readily available driver support for major operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android.

A software configuration utility is available for modifying the Vendor ID, Product ID, string descriptors, features and parameters.

A reference design kit allows for easy evaluation and development of the 8-pin USB-UART LP bridge controller as well as the serial channels, battery charger detection and CAPSENSE™ features of the EZ-USB™ Serial Bridge Controllers.

The Infineon´s EZ-USB™ Serial Bridge Controller CY7C652 is a family of full speed USB-serial bridge controllers are well-suited for a number of applications including IoT, USB to UART solutions, and USB billboard controllers such as metering devices, medical electronics, point of sale systems, networking, gaming systems, and more.

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