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Infineon Technologies Merus Integrated Audio Ics | New Product Brief

July 31, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

These use multilevel switching to improve efficiency, power density, and audio performance.

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Infineon Technologies Merus Integrated Audio Ics

Infineon Technologies MERUS low power class D amplifier solutions use multilevel switching to improve efficiency, power density, and audio performance compared to traditional class D amplifiers. 

MERUS amplifiers produce outputs using up to 5 voltage levels instead of only 2, and this increased granularity keeps power loss extremely low with almost no switching loss at idle, along with very low THD+N values. Amplifiers are available with 40W or 80W stereo outputs and digital or analog inputs, with digital input versions compliant with HiRes Audio requirements.

MERUS low power class D amplifiers operate from a wide supply voltage and have a comprehensive protection scheme. They also have a filterless topology, eliminating bulky LC output filters for a simpler design and smaller footprint.

  • Multi-level output
    • 3-level and 5-level modulation
    • Idle power dissipation <160mW
    • THD+N <0.007%
  • Flexibility
    • 2x40W or 2x80W max peak power
    • Digital or analog input
  • Digital input versions (MA12040P, MA12070P) comply with HiRes Audio requirements
  • Wide supply voltage
    • 40W: 4V-18V
    • 80W: 4V-26V
  • Filterless topology
    • Eliminates bulky output filters
    • Simpler design, smaller footprint

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