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Infineon Technologies OptiMOS™ 5 Power MOSFETs - IPT020N10N5ATMA1 (IPT020N10N5) | Featured Product Spotlight

March 02, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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Infineon Technologies OptiMOS™ 5 Power MOSFETs - IPT020N10N5ATMA1 (IPT020N10N5)

Infineon Technologies’ IPT020N10N5 OptiMOS 5 100V power MOSFET provides high current capability and high efficiency in a space-saving TO-Leadless package that is ideal for telecom, server, solar, and low voltage drive applications. 

The TO-Leadless package is 60% smaller than a 7-pin D2PAK, with a 30% smaller footprint and 50% lower height.  This enables smaller and slimmer designs and makes it ideal for narrow applications such as rack or blade servers. 

The TO-Leadless package also has trapezoidal grooves on the tips of the gate and source contacts.  This provides a visible solder joint that can be verified with standard automatic optical inspection tools.  This simple and inexpensive verification helps manufacturers avoid reliability issues caused by bad solder joints.  The package also provides a 50% larger solder contact area.  While D2PAK devices have a contact area less than 8mm2, TO-Leadless has a 12mm2 contact area.  This leads to current density being reduced by one-third, which reduces thermal stress and the risk of electromigration, leading to improved reliability. 

OptiMOS 5 brings further performance benefits, with up to 24% lower RDS(on) and 25% lower output capacitance than previous generation MOSFETs.  It also has an excellent figure of merit in terms of gate charge times RDS(on).  The MOSFETs are ideal for synchronous rectification and high switching frequency applications, and are rated for drain currents up to 260A. For more information on Infineon Technologies’ IPT020N10N5 Optimos 5 100V power MOSFETs or the rest of the OptiMOS 5 80V and 100V devices, visit  

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