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Infineon Technologies TLE4959C Transmission Speed Sensors

Infineon Technologies’ TLE4959C is an integrated differential Hall speed sensor ideally suited for transmission applications. The TLE4959C offers high magnetic sensitivity, a large operating air gap, and separate signal paths to measure rotational speed and direction of rotation. A digital core provides signal processing and a PWM output to the transmission control unit. It also implements dynamic self-calibration, adaptive hysteresis, and active vibration suppression, which prevents triggering the output due to angular or air gap vibrations.

The TLE4959C is housed in a 3-pin package that integrates 220nF and 1.8nF capacitors for increased EMC robustness.  It’s rated for -40°C to +175°C and is AEC qualified.

  • Hall based differential speed and rotational direction sensor
  • Large operating air gap
  • Integrated signal processing, dynamic self-calibration, adaptive hysteresis, vibration suppression
  • Package: PG-SSO-3-52 with integrated 220nF/1.8nF capacitors
  • Operating Temperature (TJ): -40°C to +175°C
  • AEC qualified

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