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Infineon Technologies TLE9012AQU Battery Monitoring & Balancing IC | New Product Brief

October 15, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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Infineon Technologies TLE9012AQU Battery Monitoring & Balancing IC

Infineon Technologies’ TLE9012AQU Battery Monitoring and Balancing IC performs multiple management and diagnostic functions for lithium ion battery packs used in automotive, industrial, and consumer applications. 

The TLE9012AQU is an ISO-26262 ready device that can monitor up to 12 series-connected cells and supports hot plugging applications. It provides a 16-bit temperature-compensated voltage measurement for each cell enabling high accuracy state of charge and state of health calculations, with a separate ADC for block voltage measurement. 

The IC also offers 5 temperature measurement channels in addition to internal temperature measurement, enabling temperature-compensated voltage measurements. The device also has 12 built-in MOSFET switches that can be activated to balance each cell by dissipating energy into an external resistor. 

A standard UART and Infineon proprietary iso UART interfaces support communication with more than 20 devices, with CRC secured communication and configuration registers. 

  • ISO-26262 ready 
    • Supports ASIL-C BMS safety applications 
    • Monitors up to 12 series-connected cells 
  • Voltage measurement: 
    • 16-bit high-resolution ADC measurement for each cell 
    • Separate ADC for block voltage measurement 
  • Temperature measurement: 
    • 5 external measurement channels 
    • Internal temperature measurement 
  • Balancing 
    • Passive balancing using integrated MOSFET switches and external resistors 
    • Up to 150mA balancing current 
  • Communications 
    • Standard UART and iso UART 
    • End-to-end CRC secured communication 

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