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Infineon Technologies TLE92108-23xQX Multi-MOSFET Drivers | Featured Product Spotlight

July 06, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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Infineon Technologies TLE92108-23xQX Multi-MOSFET Drivers

Infineon Technologies’ TLE9210x family of multi-MOSFET drivers are designed to control up to eight half-bridges or, up to 16 N-channel MOSFETs, in one package.

The TLE9210x drivers feature a  24-bit Serial Parallel Interface (SPI) that controls the half-bridges with a wide range of diagnostic features such as supply voltage monitoring, charge pump voltage monitoring, as well as temperature warning, and over-temperature shutdown.

Each gate driver monitors its external MOSFET drain-source voltage for hard short-circuit conditions while also providing configurable soft short-circuit detection by observing the current passing through the integrated op-amps. These multi-MOSFET drivers provide integrated active latching hardware protection independent of any software measures in both hard and soft short circuit conditions.

The device is AEC Q-100 certified and housed in a leadless VQFN-48 package with exposed pads to streamline the production and field performance. 

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