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Infineon TRENCHSTOP 5 

Infineon TRENCHSTOP 5 are 650 V IGBTs built for industrial applications that offer lower switching and conduction losses co-packed with a full rated diode, ideal for UPS, PV, energy storage, and welding. The devices offer a very low saturation voltage with a slightly positive temperature coefficient, allowing for parallel operation and high efficiency even at high temperatures. Multiple variants are available to cover different operating frequencies and performance characteristics. These include TRENCHSTOP 5 S5 IGBTs, which exhibit a soft current fall characteristic, no oscillation of the gate voltage, and symmetrical overshoot. This simplifies circuit design reducing the EMI filtering required, eliminating clamping circuits, and enables the use of a single gate resistor.

  • S5: fSW = 10 kHz to 40 kHz, V(CE)SAT = 1.35 V
    • IC @ 100°C: 39.5 A to 80 A
  • L5: fSW < 20 kHz, V(CE)SAT = 1.05 V
  • H5/F5: Optimized for fSW > 30 kHz, light load efficiency
  • WR5: Reverse conducting

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