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Intel SSD D5-P4320 & D5-P4420 Series | New Product Brief

September 20, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

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Intel SSD D5-P4320 & D5-P4420 Series

The Intel SSD D5-P4320 and D5-P4420 Series are PCIe 3D QLC NAND SSDs designed for warm data storage. 

The 64-layer, QLC 3D NAND offers 33% higher bits per cell than TLC, resulting in a 7.68TB capacity in the U.2 form factor for both series. The SSDs use the PCIe interface and support sequential read rates up to 3200MB/s and random reads up to 427k IOPS, making them an option for read-intensive workloads. 

The performance and capacity enable a 3x storage consolidation, lower support, power, and cooling costs compared to hybrid or HDD arrays, and the lower annual failure rate compared to HDDs further reduces cost. The SSDs offer excellent durability, with the D5-P4320 rated for up to 12.3PBW, while the D5-P4420 doubles this to 24.6PBW.

  • Media: 64-layer, QLC 3D NAND
  • Form Factor and Capacity: U.2 2.5” (15mm), 7.68TB
  • Interface: PCIe Gen 3.1 x4
  • Performance:
    • Sequential R/W up to 3200/1000 MB/s
    • Random R/W up to 427K/36K IOPS
  • Annualize failure rate: ≤0.44%
  • Write endurance:
    • D5-P4320: 12.3PBW sequential, 2.8PBW random
    • D5-P4420: 24.6PBW sequential, 5.6PBW random

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