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ISSI 8Gb DDR3 SDRAM provides high-speed data transfer for automotive, industrial, and commercial applications. The devices are available in x8 and x16 bus widths with small 78-ball and 96-ball BGA packages respectively. Standard 1.5V DDR3 and low-voltage 1.35V DDR3L variants are available, with speed grades up to DDR3-2133. The memories offer data masking per byte on write commands and burst length can be programmed to 4 or 8. The devices also offer off-chip driver impedance adjustment and dynamic on-die termination to maximize the valid data window. Auto Self-Refresh adjusts the self-refresh frequency based on operating temperature to ensure data integrity at extended temperatures while conserving power at lower temperatures, and partial array self-refresh can be used to limit the refresh area and conserve power.

  • Configurations: 1GMx8 or 512Mx16
  • Packages: FBGA-78 (x8), FBGA-96 (x16)
  • 1.5V DDR3 and 1.35V DDR3L variants
  • Per-byte write data masking
  • Programmable burst length (4 or 8), CAS latency, CAS WRITE latency
  • Auto Self-Refresh (adjusts based on temperature) and partial array self-refresh

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