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ITT Cannon Nano Microminiature Connectors | New Product Brief

April 10, 2023 by Mouser Electronics

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ITT Cannon Nano Microminiature Connectors

ITT Cannon Nano Microminiature Connectors, available from Mouser Electronics, are small form factor high-density interconnects designed and manufactured for high reliability and harsh environment applications.

ITT Cannon Nano Microminiature Connectors are ideal for when size and weight limitations require an ultra-low profile and robust interconnect design package.

Nano Microminiature is small and rugged with an innovative twist pin contact system on 0.025 contact spacing and five points of electrical contact.

They are available in multiple configurations including 9 to 51 contact positions and PCB versions.

The robust shock and vibration capable solution also has a unique knurled jackscrew assembly to allow for easier mating.

The Nano Microminiature Connectors are ideal in a number of applications including commercial and military avionics, as well as oil and gas exploration and extraction.

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