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ITT Cannon's Trident Neptune Connectors

ITT Cannon’s Trident Neptune series is a water and fluid resistant interconnect solution for applications that require reliable performance and durability while meeting the harsh environment demands of off-road vehicles, industrial machinery and more. The Trident Neptune Series is a bayonet style connector with receptacles that feature stainless steel bayonet pins integrally molded into the connector bodies. This coupling method provides improved vibration resistance for a secure connection. The Trident Neptune connectors are rated up to IP67 and offer integrated wire seal membranes that don’t require blanking plugs in unused cavities. The connectors accept up to 48 power or signal stamped or machined contacts. Trident signal contacts are rated up to 16 amps and power contacts rated up to 30 amps. Standard Trident Neptune connectors are a robust connector for harsh environments, with either high strength metal or corrosion resistant plastic coupling rings, while Trident Neptune Metal connectors offer a full metal shell for applications that require shielding and enhanced durability.

  • Full interface and cable sealing up to IP67
  • No blanking plugs required for unused cavities
  • Signal, power, and mixed contact arrangements
  • Up to 48 signal, power,  and mixed contact arrangements
  • Trident Neptune: high strength metal or corrosion resistant plastic coupling rings
  • Trident Neptune Metal: metal shell for 360° shielding and enhanced durability

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