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KEMET Electronics NBL Piezoelectric Transducers

KEMET NBL series Langevin-Type Bolt-On Piezoelectric Transducers can generate powerful ultrasonic waves for applications such as cleaning equipment, ultrasonic treatment devices, and plastic welders. 

They feature a high mechanical Q, excellent electro-acoustic conversion efficiency, and allowable power from 2.5W to 50W. The design includes dual piezoelectric elements based on a ceramic that offers good amplitude linearity over an extended temperature range and have a resonant frequency from 28kHz to 60kHz.

NBL series transducers are available with a straight or horn shape construction and with an emitting surface diameter from 15mm to 45mm. The bolt-on installation makes installation fast and easy, and allows the transducer to be mounted in nearly any position.

  • Resonant Frequency: 28kHz, 40.2kHz, 60kHz
  • Mechanical Q: 400Qm to 500Qm
  • Allowable power: 2.5W to 50W
  • Good amplitude linearity due to NEPEC® N–61 ceramics’ extended temperature range
  • Straight or stepped/horn-shape output surface
  • Fast and easy bolt-on installation in nearly any position

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