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KEMET Electronics Piezoelectric R11 Acoustic Module

KEMET Electronics Piezoelectric R11 Acoustic Module uses the piezoelectric longitudinal effect to generate vibration and sound from the panel surface it is attached to, producing sound that is easy to hear in noisy environments. This eliminates the need for a speaker hole, making it ideal for waterproof and dust-proof designs, and it provides designers with more flexibility. The module uses multilayer piezoelectric bimorph actuators that are based on KEMET’s unique element structure and piezoelectric ceramic materials to produce stable sound pressure. The actuator portion of the module measures 23.6mm x 4mm x 1.9mm and has a flex PCB for connection to the host. Pre-applied adhesive backing allows for fast, easy installation.

  • Sound comes from the panel surface
  • No speaker opening required
  • Ideal for waterproof and dust-proofing design
  • Stable sound pressure
  • Dimensions: 23.6mm x 4mm x 1.9mm (actuator only)
  • Pre-applied adhesive tape for fast, easy installation

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