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KEMET KPS-MCL Low-Loss SMPS Stacks | New Product Brief

June 27, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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KEMET Electronics KPS-MCL Low-Loss, High Temperature SMPS Stacks are designed for stable and robust operation in the toughest environments, including down-hole oil exploration and engine compartments in vehicles and aircraft. 

KPS-MCL series capacitors are rated for operation from -55°C to 200°C and are based on proprietary materials that exhibit a negligible change in capacitance over the entire temperature range. They’re stacked vertically in a durable metal lead frame that mechanically isolates the capacitors from the PCB and allows for a reduced bulk capacitance footprint. 

The vertical stacking reduces ESR and thermal resistance, allowing for high ripple current capability. KEMET KPS-MCL series capacitors are available with voltage ratings up to 2000V. The capacitors are suitable for resonant circuit applications and available in values from 11nF to 1.2µF. 

  • Operating Temperature Range: -55°C to +200°C 
  • High Thermal Stability: 
    • Capacitance change: ±30 ppm/°C (up to 200°C) 
  • Durable lead frame: straight pin (through hole) or formed “J” and “L” leads (surface mount) 
  • Low ESR (low loss) and thermal resistance 
    • High ripple current capability 
  • DC voltage ratings: 200V, 500V, 630V, 1000V, 1500V, 2000V 
  • Capacitance values: 11nF to 1.2µF 

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