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LITTELFUSE DCN High-Current, High-Voltage DC Contactor Relays | Featured Product Spotlight

October 26, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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LITTELFUSE DCN High-Current, High-Voltage DC Contactor Relays

Littelfuse DCN High-Current, High-Voltage DC Contactor Relays provide safe, reliable, and efficient switching for EVs, HEVs, industrial equipment, and alternative energy applications. 

The DCN series is available in side or bottom mount relays with no restrictions on the mounting orientation. They’re designed with a highly reliable contact system based on a magnetic arc blowout design that quickly dissipates contact arcing in a sealed, gas filled chamber. This allows the contactors to make or break higher voltages and ensures a stable contact resistance in harsh environments. The coil economizer uses PWM signaling to keep contacts closed with minimal coil power, reducing average power consumption and heat generation. The DCN series is available with polarized and non-polarized contact designs, allowing for optimized performance based on the application needs. They feature an SPST normally open design, with normally closed auxiliary contact options on select models. 

DCN series contactor relays are available in resin and ceramic design. Resin designs feature epoxy resin potting seals that provide IP67 sealing for the entire relay and a simple manufacturing process for low overall cost. They’re available with ratings up to 900VDC and 250A continuous carrying current, with coil voltages from 12VDC to 72VDC. 

Ceramic contactor relays have a solder, IP54-rated ceramic arc chamber that withstands higher pressures and temperatures for longer. They have ratings up to 1800V and 500A continuous carrying current, with 12VDC or 24VDC coils. For more information on the Littelfuse DCN series of high current and high voltage DC contactor relays, visit

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