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LITTELFUSE GenX4™ Trench IGBTs | Featured Product Spotlight

November 30, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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Littelfuse IXYS XPT™ GenX4™ Trench IGBTs are exceptionally rugged and efficient IGBTs for battery chargers, motor drives, inverters, and more. 

The devices are based on XPT Thin Wafer Technology.  Reducing wafer thickness reduces thermal resistance for Vce(sat), enabling increased current density.  The XPT extreme light punch through technology provides a positive temperature coefficient for Vce(sat), making it possible for the IGBTs to be used in parallel to drive larger loads.  Combining these benefits produces IGBTs that are rugged during switching and short circuit conditions while reducing energy losses to drive improved efficiency.   

In terms of ruggedness, the XPT GenX4 Trench IGBTs have a square RBSOA up to 1200V reverse breakdown that’s ideal for snubber-less hard-switching applications.  They also have an integrated Sonic-FRD ultra-fast anti-parallel diode with soft-recovery that tolerates high di/dt turn-on and mitigates EMI issues during turn-off.  They also offer low forward transconductance that minimize short circuit current for robust performance in short circuit conditions. 

The IGBTs help improve efficiency in multiple ways.  They have a low Vce(sat) that reduces conduction losses as well as low turn-on and turn-off energy to minimize switching losses.  The devices are optimized for switching at frequencies up to 60kHz, with higher frequency switching further reducing total losses.  

The IGBTs are offered in a variety of international standard packages, including through-hole and surface mount options.  For datasheets and all the performance details of the Littelfuse IXYS XPT GenX4 Trench IGBTs, visit

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