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Littelfuse LS1205ExD33 Protection eFuse ICs | Asia Featured Product Spotlight

December 11, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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Littelfuse LS1205ExD33 Protection eFuse ICs

The Littelfuse LS1205ExD33eFuse IC series of integrated load switches provide circuit protection when powering a system.

These eFuse integrated circuits can be used to manage current and voltage. A programmable soft-start controls the slew rate of the output voltage to limit inrush current during plug-in.

After a successful start-up sequence, the device will actively monitor the load current, input voltage, and current. This ensures that the programmed maximum output current is not exceeded and that any spikes from the input voltage are safely clamped. An integrated thermal sensor monitors the case temperature. Provide the output voltage slew rate control that can limit the inrush current, and an external capacitor can configure the soft start duration.

The eFuse ICs require few external components and provide multiple protection modes. They are a robust defense against overload, short circuits, input voltage surges, and excessive inrush current.

The switch’s low RDS(ON) helps to reduce power loss during normal operation. The current limit level is easily set with an external resistor.

The LS1205EV has an external selectable input range and clamping output voltage threshold while the LS1205EF features an open drain fault indicator.

The eFuse IC also integrates a thermal fold-back function and over-temperature shutdown protection. The thermal foldback function reduces the current limit value so that the case temperature is maintained at around 105 degrees Celsius.

The LS1205ExD33 protection eFuse ICs are available in a low profile, 3 by 3 millimeter, 10-lead, DFN package and are ideally suited for HDD and SSD drives, adapter-powered devices, PCs, notebooks, FAN control, and networking equipment.

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