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LITTELFUSE POWR-SPEED High-Speed Square Body Fuses | New Product Brief

February 01, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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LITTELFUSE POWR-SPEED High-Speed Square Body Fuses

Littelfuse PSX POWR-SPEED High-Speed Square Body Fuses are extremely fast-acting fuses optimized for use in battery energy storage systems, photovoltaic inverters, and other high DC voltage applications. 

The PSX series is rated for 1500VDC with current ratings from 80A to 1400A and they offer low watt loss to maximize energy efficiency. All variants have a 200kA DC interrupting rating as well as a visual status indicator, with the option to add a micro-switch for external indication. The square body fuses are offered in compact NH 1XL and 3XL package sizes with multiple mounting options for application versatility, including bolted-blade, DIN-blade, and metric flush-end styles. 

Littelfuse PSX series fuses are UL248-13 recognized and designed to meet European high-speed semiconductor fuse standards and future battery protection fuse standards. 

  • High DC Voltage Rating: up to 1500VDC 
    • Current Ratings: 80A to 1400A 
    • Low watt loss (energy efficiency for BESS applications) 
  • Interrupting Rating: 200kA 
    • Extremely fast-acting 
  • Visual blown fuse indication 
    • Optional microswitch (MSXL2000C) for external status indication 
  • Compact packages: NH 1XL and 3XL 
  • Mounting terminations: bolted-blade, DIN-blade, metric flush-end 
  • UL 248-13 Recognized 
    • Designed to meet EN high-speed semiconductor fuse standards and future battery protection standards 

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