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LITTELFUSE zeptoSMDC PPTCs | New Product Brief

August 26, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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Littelfuse zeptoSMDC PPTCs are a compact and low-cost solution for overcurrent and overtemperature protection in mobile devices, wearables, and lithium battery management systems.  Littelfuse zeptoSMDC PPTCs use a space-saving 0201 package that minimizes the PCB area in portable devices that typically have limited space available. 

The PPTCs are rated for up to 13VDC and are available with short circuit current ratings up to 200mA, and the devices reset to normal operation after the fault is cleared. ZeptoSMDC PPTCs have hold current ratings up to 15mA and will trip in 20ms or less with an 80mA current, protecting battery management ICs and fuel gauges from electrical over-stress. 

Littelfuse zeptoSMDC PPTCs are RoHS compliant and ISO/TS 16949 certified. 

  • Small footprint: 0201 case size 
    • Saves PCB space 
  • Electrical ratings: 
    • Maximum voltage: 13VDC 
    • Short circuit current: 82mA to 200mA 
  • Resets to normal operation after fault is cleared 
  • Hold current (at 25°C): 11mA to 15mA 
  • Time to Trip: 20ms (max) at 80mA 
    • Protects battery management ICs and fuel gauges 
  • ROHS compliant and ISO/TS 16949 certified 

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