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Luminus Devices SFT-70X-WxS High Power White LEDs | Featured Product Spotlight

November 06, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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Luminus Devices SFT-70X-WxS High Power White LEDs

The Luminus Devices SFT-70X-WxS are high power cool white LEDs with a maximum output in excess of 3,500 lumens at 7 amps.

The flat window of an SFT White LED results in a much smaller light emitting surface than a dome-shaped cover, this enables much smaller optics and a higher optical coupling efficiency.

Along with the high lumen density of the SFT delivers an extremely high intensity, long beam distance and tight beam angles, this makes it a  powerful light source for beam pattern critical lighting applications.

The high brightness monolithic design with no encapsulation makes this ideal for long-throw applications and fiber coupling.

The SFT-70 can also be a cost-effective solution for pico projection, automotive entertainment, fiber illumination such as medical endoscopy, and for emergency lighting and beacons.

The SFT-70X-WxS is 6 or 12 volt configurable for excellent color and brightness uniformity from a multi-junction single monolithic emitter.

The LED features a high luminous efficacy, effectively reducing the number of LEDs required for a design saving on cost and solution size.

With a low thermal resistance and an electrically isolated thermal path, thermal management of the  SFT-70X-WxS is greatly simplified, increasing the reliability of the end design given the right thermal interface material and heat sink is chosen.

The SFT-70X-WxS comes in ANSI-compatible chromaticity bins, are RoHS and REACH compliant, and have an 8 kilovolt ESD rating as per ANSI, ESDA, and JEDEC.

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