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Maxim Integrated Bidirectional DC PLC Management IC | New Product Brief

March 16, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

This New Product Brief (NPB) is part of a video series highlighting the features, applications, and technical specs of newly-released products.

Maxim Integrated Bidirectional DC PLC Management IC

Maxim Integrated’s MAX20340 Bidirectional DC Powerline Communication Management IC is a tiny and simple solution for PLC management in wireless earbuds, wearables, game controllers, handheld radios, and other portable devices. The MAX20340 is housed in a compact wafer level package and can reduce design area by up to 13mm2. 

The IC supports bidirectional communication at up to 166.7kbps and charge current up to 1.2A over the same two pins. The device has an I2C interface to communicate with its host and can act as the PLC Master or Slave, with automatic slave presence detection and dual slave support when used in master mode. 

The MAX20340 is optimized for minimum battery consumption in all operating modes and draws just 1µA in shutdown.

  • Package: 0.4mm Pitch, 9-Bump, 1.358mm x 1.358mm WLP
    • Reduces total area by up to 13mm2
  • Bit rate: up to 166.7kbps
    • 5.7kbps data throughput in automatic mode
  • Charge current: 1.2A
  • I2C interface for communication with host MCU
  • PLC Master or Slave
    • Dual or Single Slave Mode (Master Only)
  • Optimized for high efficiency operation in all modes
    • Shutdown mode: 1µA current draw

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