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Maxim Integrated MAX20303 Wearable Power Management Solution

Maxim Integrated’s MAX20303 Wearable Power Management Solution is designed to the power management requirements of wearables, extending battery life and minimizing footprint through the integration of multiple micro-quiescent regulators and a haptic driver.

The MAX20303 is the first PMIC to integrate a haptic driver. The driver is compatible with both eccentric rotating masses and linear resonant actuators, and it offers automatic resonance tracking for LRAs. The driver also supports quick start, braking, and multiple interface modes that enable developers to provide sophisticated haptic feedback to users.

To maximize battery life, the MAX20303 integrates a set of flexible micro-IQ regulators, including buck, boost, buck-boost, and LDO regulators.

The IC integrates a total of six regulators to support the different voltage requirements in wearables, such as MCUs, sensors, displays, and interfaces. Two buck regulators are available with 220 mA outputs and an IQ less than 1 µA. Two LDOs, one a 100 mA LDO, and the other a 50 mA low voltage LDO, have a 1 mA IQ and both can also be used as load switches. The MAX20303 also integrates a 250 mW buck-boost regulator with a 1.3 µA IQ, and a 300 mW, 2.4 µA IQ boost regulator that supports a variety of display options and can be used with the integrated 0.6 to 30 mA LED current sinks for indicator or backlight functionality.

In addition to the haptic driver and low quiescent current power regulation, the MAX20303 also integrates easy-to-implement lithium-ion battery charging with 5 to 500 mA charge current. The device offers programmable supply sequencing, an on-chip voltage monitor multiplexer and ADC, and a push-button controller for further design simplification. All of this is integrated into a compact 56-bump 3.71 mm x 4.21 mm wafer-level package with a 0.5 mm pitch and an extended operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

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