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MAXIM INTEGRATED MAX20361 Single-Cell/Multi-Cell Solar Harvester | New Product Brief

April 10, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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MAXIM INTEGRATED MAX20361 Single-Cell/Multi-Cell Solar Harvester

Maxim Integrated MAX20361 is a fully integrated energy harvester and charger for single and multi-cell solar sources. The MAX20361 has an ultra-low quiescent current boost converter that allows startup from an input as low as 225mV. It also has a proprietary maximum power point tracking technique to maximize energy harvesting from input power as low as 15µW to more than 300mW. 

The MAX20361 is housed in a small wafer-level package and uses a 2016 inductor for a small total solution size. The IC also has an integrated charging and protection circuit that’s optimized for use with lithium-ion batteries, charging cutoff at threshold voltages can be set through the I²C interface, as can temperature shutoff and other parameters.

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