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MAXIM INTEGRATED MAX22700–MAX22702 Isolated Gate Drivers | New Product Brief

October 04, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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MAXIM INTEGRATED MAX22700–MAX22702 Isolated Gate Drivers

Maxim Integrated’s MAX22700 to MAX22702 family of isolated gate drivers offer ultra-high common mode transient immunity and are ideal for driving silicon carbide and gallium nitride transistors in inverter and motor drive applications. 

CMT is rated at 300kV/µs, and the parts provide robust galvanic isolation between the input and output. The family includes a variety of output options, and each is available with single-ended or differential input variants. Propagation delay is matched to within 2ns from part-to-part at 25°C and to within 5ns over the full -40°C to +125°C operating range, minimizing transistor dead time and increasing efficiency. The gate drivers support pulses as short as 20ns and have minimum distortion. 

All parts in the family are housed in a narrow body SOIC package that provides 4mm of creepage and clearance. 

  • High CMTI: 300kV/µs (typical) 
  • Robust galvanic isolation 
    • VISO: 3kVRMS for 60s 
    • VIOWM: 848VRMS continuous 
  • Output options: 
    • MAX22700: GNDB 
    • MAX22701: Miller Clamp 
    • MAX22702: Adjustable UVLO 
  • Input configurations: Single-ended with enable (E versions) or differential (D versions) 
  • Minimum pulse width: 20ns 
    • Maximum pulse width distortion: 2ns 
  • Propagation delay: 35ns 
    • Part-to-part matching: 2ns (25°C), 5ns (-40°C to +125°C) 

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