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MAXIM INTEGRATED MAX77540 Dual-Phase Buck Converter | New Product Brief

February 27, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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MAXIM INTEGRATED MAX77540 Dual-Phase Buck Converter

Maxim Integrated’s MAX77540 Dual-Phase Buck Converter is a high-efficiency step-down converter with two 3A switching phases. 

It uses an adaptive constant on-time (COT) current-mode control architecture and the two 3A switching phases can be configured as two 3A bucks or one 6A buck. Its wide input voltage range enables a direct conversion for sub-1V outputs from 3-cell Li+ batteries, USB PD, and 12VDC supply rails. 

The output voltages are preset with resistors and are further adjustable through an I2C-compatible interface. With 94% peak efficiency, low quiescent current, and compact solution size, the MAX77540 is ideal for battery powered, space-constraint equipment.

Programmable switching frequency, frequency tracking, spread-spectrum, and ultrasonic mode allow easier system optimization for noise-sensitive applications. Dedicated pins provide options for direct hardware control, while more programmable options, such as soft-start/stop and ramp-up/down slew-rates, are available. An array of built-in protections ensures safe operation under abnormal operating conditions.

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