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Maxim Integrated MAX14745 

Maxim Integrated’s MAX14745 is a battery-charge management IC for low-power wearables and rechargeable IoT devices. It incorporates a lithium-ion battery charger, two ultra-low-IQ buck regulators, three ultra-low-IQ LDOs, and a power controller. The charger includes a smart power selector that intelligently manages external input and battery power and is tolerant to reverse and overvoltage conditions. 

The buck converters maintain high efficiency across their entire 200 mA load range and support dynamic voltage scaling to optimize system power consumption, while the three LDOs each have a dedicated input pin and are independently programmable for outputs from 0.8V to 4V. The MAX14745 power controller can also be configured for applications that require a true-off or always-on state.

  • Easy-to-implement Li+ battery charging
  • Smart Power Selector intelligently manages external, battery power
  • 28V/-5.5V Tolerant Input
  • Buck Regulators: 2x, 200 mA, 0.9µA IQ
  • LDOs: 3x, 100mA, 0.6µA to 1µA IQ
  • Supports devices that require true-off or always-on states

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