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MELEXIS MLX75026 QVGA Time-of-Flight Image Sensors | New Product Brief

February 03, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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MELEXIS MLX75026 QVGA Time-of-Flight Image Sensors

Melexis MLX75026 QVGA Time-of-Flight Image Sensors are fully integrated devices that provide accurate 3D range detection for automotive, robotics, AGVs, and people or object detection.  The MLX75026 features a QVGA pixel array based on DepthSense pixel technology and provides integrated control and modulation of an external light source, providing distance and reflectivity measurements even with bright background lighting. 

The sensor can operate with modulating frequencies up to 100MHz for high distance accuracy.  It outputs data over a standard MIPI CSI-2 interface and can operate at up to 180FPS.  It’s configurable over I2C and supports per-phase statistics and diagnostics, region of interest selection, and binning.  The MLX75026 is fully compatible with the MLX75027 VGA ToF sensor but is 65% smaller and requires much less computing power.  

  • QVGA (320 x 240) pixel array 
    • 10µm x 10µm DepthSense® pixels 
    • Integrated microlenses 
  • Differential light source control with phase delay feedback loop 
  • Programmable modulating frequency: 4MHz to 100MHz 
    • Enables high distance accuracy 
  • CSI-2 serial data output, MIPI D-PHY, 1 clock lane, 2 or 4 data lanes (<960 Mbps/lane) 
    • 180 FPS maximum full resolution distance framerate 
  • I2C host interface (up to 400kHz) 
  • Fully compatible with MLX75027 VGA ToF sensor 
    • 65% smaller footprint 

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