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MICROCHIP EMC1702 Current-Sense & Temperature Monitor | New Product Brief

November 22, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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MICROCHIP EMC1702 Current-Sense & Temperature Monitor 

Microchip EMC1702 Current-Sense & Temperature Monitor is a combination of a high-side current sensing device with precision temperature measurement. 

This device measures the voltage developed across an external sense resistor to represent the high-side current of a battery or voltage regulator. It also measures the source voltage and uses these measured values to present a proportional power calculation.

The EMC1702 contains additional bidirectional peak detection circuitry to flag instantaneous current spikes with programmable time duration and magnitude threshold. 

The EMC1702 also includes an external diode channel for temperature measurement as well as an internal diode for ambient temperature measurements. 

Housed in a 12-pin QFN package, this  Current-Sense & Temperature Monitor is ideal for notebook computers, industrial and power management systems as well as embedded applications. 

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