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Microchip/Microsemi Power over Ethernet Solutions & PoE ICs | Featured Product Spotlight

October 25, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

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Microchip/Microsemi Power over Ethernet Solutions & PoE ICs

Microsemi, now part of Microchip, offers the broadest selection of Power over Ethernet ICs and Systems, enabling designers to efficiently deliver and receive up to 95W per port over standard ethernet cabling.

Transmitting power and data over the same ethernet cable provides more freedom in where devices are placed and it simplifies installation. Common applications for power over ethernet (PoE) include IP cameras, building access and control, IP phones, and mobile infrastructure.

Microchip offers ICs for the powered device, or PD, and the power sourcing equipment, or PSE, covering both ends of a PoE installation.

Microchip PD ICs have integrated features to simplify implementation, including automatic detection and classification as well as inrush current limiting. An optional integrated PWM controller is available to convert the PoE input power to one or more output voltages for use by the powered device, saving the space and BoM cost of a discrete power conversion solution. 

PD ICs are available that can receive up to 51W based on IEEE802.3at, or up to 95W based on the related Power over HDBase-T standard, or PoH.

On the other end of the cable, Microchip offers PSE ICs that can handle from 1 to 12 ports, with options for internal or external FETs and sense resistors allowing designers to optimize the size and performance of their design to meet application requirements. 

PSE ICs can source up to 90W per port based on IEEE802.3bt or 95W per port for PoH connections.

Microchip’s system solutions leverage these ICs and provide designers with a complete solution ready for deployment. Microchip offers switches, injectors, and midspans for use in indoor, outdoor, and ruggedized applications, with up to 24 ports, power ratings up to 95W per port, and support for data rates up to 2.5Gbps.

For more information on Microchip’s PoE ICs and system solutions, as well as associated evaluation boards, visit

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