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Microchip PAC1934 DC Energy Monitor 

Microchip PAC1934 DC Energy Monitors are used to measure power consumption in portable computing, networking, servers, automotive, and industrial applications. The IC connects four input channels to 16-bit ADCs that perform high side current sensing and voltage sensing, with a wide bus voltage range of 0 to 32 V and real-time auto calibration of offset and gain errors. The PAC1934 includes digital circuitry to perform 28-bit power calculations with 1% accuracy and a 48-bit accumulator for recording accumulated power data. Parameters are set using SMBus or I2C, and sampling rates of 8 to 1024 samples per second allow integration periods from 1 ms to 36 hours or longer, while programmable alerts can be triggered on accumulator overflow or conversion completion.

  • 4-Channel High-Side Current Sensor
  • 1% Power Measurement Accuracy Over a Wide Dynamic Range
  • 48-bit power Accumulator Register for recording data
  • User Programmable Sampling Rates of 8, 64, 256, 1024 samples per second
  • > 36 hours of Power Data Accumulation at 8 samples per second
  • Package: WLCSP-16 (2.225 mm x 2.17 mm)

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