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MICROCHIP PAC194x & PAC195x Monitor | New Product Brief

January 25, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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MICROCHIP PAC194x & PAC195x Monitor

Microchip Technology’s PAC194x and PAC195x products are one, two, three, and four-channel energy monitors with bus voltage monitors and current sense amplifiers that feed high-resolution ADCs.

The PAC195X-1 devices are for high-side current sensing while the PAC195X-2 devices are for low-side current sensing or floating VBUS applications.

Digital circuitry performs power calculations and energy accumulation. This enables energy monitoring with integration periods up to one year or longer.

Bus voltage, sense resistor voltage and accumulated proportional power are stored in registers for retrieval by the system host or embedded controller.

The device can detect over/undervoltage, over/undercurrent and overpower against user programmed limits for each channel and generate ALERT outputs.

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