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Microchip Technology DM990101 IoT Ethernet Monitoring Kit

Microchip Technology’s IoT Ethernet Monitoring Kit is preloaded with Microchip firmware and the Medium One cloud service for quickly developing IoT designs.  The kit is based on a high performance PIC32MZ EF family MCU with production-ready firmware based on MPLAB®Harmony, WolfMQTT, and FreeRTOS™.  The board has a mikroBUS™ socket, and the firmware is pre-configured to support pressure, temperature and humidity, air quality, and motion click boards™ for rapid prototyping, with hundreds of additional click boards available.  

The IoT Ethernet Monitoring Kit is designed for reliable and stable connectivity and uses the Microchip LAN8740A Fast Ethernet PHY, using the wolfSSL library for a secure cloud connection. With the integration of Medium One’s IoT Cloud Service and mobile apps, users can immediately process sensor data in real-time with no additional programming.

  • PIC32MZ EF family MCU
  • Pre-loaded production-ready firmware based on MPLAB®Harmony, WolfMQTT, and FreeRTOS™
  • mikroBUS™ socket for easy hardware expansion
  • Pre-configured support for pressure, temperature/humidity, air quality and motion
  • Microchip LAN8740A Fast Ethernet PHY for stable, reliable connectivity
  • Secured connection using wolfSSL library
  • Medium One IoT Cloud Service
  • Real-time sensor data processing and analytics
  • Applications: Smart Home/Building, Wireless Sensors, Industrial IoT

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