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Microchip Technology SAM R34 LoRa Sub-GHz System-in-Package Family

Microchip Technology’s SAM R34 LoRa Sub-GHz System-in-Package family integrates an Arm® Cortex®-M0+ MCU, LoRa transceiver and software stack to reduce time to market for IoT designs. The integration also enables smaller designs, the Cortex-M0+ core operates at up to 48MHz and includes 256KB of flash and 40KB of RAM.

Five configurable serial communication interfaces provide connectivity to other devices and a full-speed USB port supports embedded host and device functionality, making it suitable for dongle applications or software updates. The MCU also offers a 12-bit, 8-channel, 1Msps ADC and a peripheral touch controller with 48-channel capacitive touch and proximity sensing.

The RF transceiver in the SAM R34 supports LoRa and FSK modulation schemes. The transceiver can operate from 862MHz to 1020MHz for global LoRa coverage, and it can also be used from 137MHz to 175MHz and 410MHz to 525MHz. The included LoRa stack offers regional options to ensure compliance with local requirements.

Transmit power is rated at up to +20dBm, while receive sensitivity is as low as -136dBm for LoRa and -148dBm for proprietary protocols, for a total link budget up to +168dB. Developers have the choice to operate the SAM R34 as a LoRa Class A end device to maximize battery life or as a Class C end device for no latency communication.

The SAM R34 is designed with a number of features that ensure minimal power consumption. The MCU offers low-power modes with current draw as low as 790nA, and Microchip’s SleepWalking technology allows certain peripherals to perform tasks without waking the CPU from standby mode. The transceiver has a low receive current of just 17mA and a high-efficiency power amplifier for output levels up to +13dBm.

The device is housed in a compact 64-lead, 6mm x 6mm TFBGA package, and the use of a system-in-package results in a much smaller size than a discrete MCU and transceiver solution. To learn more about Microchip’s SAM R34 LoRa Sub-GHz System-in-Package family, visit


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