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Microchip Technology WLR089U0 Low Power LoRa Sub-GHz Module | Featured Product Spotlight

August 13, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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Microchip Technology WLR089U0 Low Power LoRa Sub-GHz Module

Microchip’s WLR089U0 Low Power LoRa® Sub-GHz Module is an ultra-low-power, certified LoRa module that is built around the ATSAMR34J18 LoRa system-in-package.

Operating in the sub-1 gigahertz ISM bands such as 868 megahertz for Europe and 915 megahertz for North America, this transceiver module is optimized for low data rate, ultra-long range communications and supports Lora and FSK modulation.

This module combines the ATSAMR34J18B System-in-Package, a 32.768 kilohertz crystal, a 32 megahertz temperature compensated crystal oscillator, a Low Pass Filter, an RF switch, lumped element filters for harmonics rejection, impedance matching circuits, and required RF shielding in a compact 17 by 13.5 mm design. The ATSAMR34J18B SiP includes a ultra-low power microcontroller with a UHF transceiver that uses a 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M0+ processor and offers 256 kilobytes of Flash, 32 kilobytes of SRAM and 8 kilobytes of low power SRAM.
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