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Molex 5G mmWave RF Flex-to-Board Connectors | New Product Brief

March 30, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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Molex 5G mmWave RF Flex-to-Board Connectors

The Molex 5G millimeter-wave RF Flex-to-Board Connectors provide leading signal integrity performance for high-speed RF applications up to 15 Gigahertz.

The 5G flex-to-board connectors support a maximum voltage of 50 Volts and a 1 Amp maximum current per pin.

The connectors feature robust mating with vertical and PCB real-estate space-saving features – qualities required in highly compact 5G mobile and other communication devices.

The receptacle center shield isolates each row, contributing to a good signal integrity performance for sub-six-gigahertz, millimeter-wave, and other high-speed applications.

An armored split nail protects the connector from damage during mating. This allows for dual-use as power or ground.

The Molex 5G millimeter wave Flex-to-Board Connectors can be configured as two RF signal lines and one power line or, as four RF signal lines without power. This enables design flexibility in pin assignments.

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