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Molex Mega-Fit Double-Ended Overmolded Cable Assemblies

Molex Mega-Fit Double-Ended Overmolded Cable Assemblies provide high power density in a ruggedized, off-the-shelf cable assembly. They provide a convenient means of power delivery in applications such as appliances, commercial equipment, networking gear, industrial applications, and commercial vehicles.

Mega-Fit cable assemblies have high conductivity, gold-plated copper contacts with a 6 mΩ max contact resistance, and they’re rated for 23A and 600V. The assemblies are offered with 2 to 10 circuits and a 5.7mm pitch and row spacing, resulting in very high power per linear and square millimeter for a mid-range power product. Terminals are fully isolated for protection during handling and mating.

The overmolded interface includes a built-in strain relief and is safer and easier to use than standard cable harnesses. The housings are polarized to prevent mismating, and positive latching on the housing provides an audible click when mated. This positive latching also enhances the retention of the mated connection to prevent unmating due to mechanical stresses during use.

Molex Mega-Fit Double-Ended Overmolded Cable Assemblies are readily available for prototyping or development work as an off-the-shelf product with 2 to 10 circuits and in 0.5m, 1m, and 2m lengths, and they’re customizable with different circuit counts and lengths to meet final design requirements. The assemblies are rated for 200 mating cycles, 30N contact-to-housing retention, 220N wire pull-out force, and 5.6N per circuit mating and unmating force.

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