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Molex MID Chip and Ceramic SMT Antennas

Molex offers MID chip and ceramic SMT antennas that provide excellent RF performance, and are easy to implement. The antennas can be used for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and other protocols using the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. MID chip antennas use laser direct structuring for consistent RF performance in a small footprint and can be placed over ground planes, saving designers significant space on both sides of the PCB. Ceramic SMT antennas are ideal for low-profile mobile applications at just 1.1 mm thick and weighing 0.13 g, and require minimal clearance area. Molex MID chip and ceramic SMT antennas combine the performance, size, and features to make them ideal for mobile, industrial, automotive, and medical devices.

  • RF Power (Watt): 2
  • Average Total Efficiency (%): > 70
  • Peak Gain (dBi): 3.0
  • Dimensions:
    • Series 4798: 3.00mm by 3.00mm by 4.00mm
    • Series 203006: 3.20mm by 1.60mm by 1.10mm
    • Series 146175: 5.00mm by 3.00mm by 4.00mm

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