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Molex Mizu-P25™ Miniature Waterproof Connectors | Tech Specs

August 03, 2021 by TTI, Inc

This episode of Tech Specs is part of a video series highlighting the features, applications, and technical specs of newly-released products.

Molex Mizu-P25™ Miniature Waterproof Connectors

Molex’s Mizu-P25 wire-to-wire connector system provides one of the smallest size and one of the highest level of dustproof and waterproof protection of any similar system in the market today, making it ideal for automotive and commercial vehicle applications as well as consumer and industrial use cases.

An IP67 rating ensures the connector can function when submerged in up to one meter of water. Positive locks provide secure mating retention, an integral seal stopper offers waterproof protection, and a spring-beam terminal design offers high pressure and small deflection for high-vibration applications.

The Mizu-P25 family includes two subfamilies: the low-voltage system, rated up to 125 volts, and the high-voltage system, rated up to 250 volts.

Both versions of the Mizu-P25 family provide some of the smallest mated diameters of any similar system. This helps to meet the needs of makers in various industries to fit wire-to-wire solutions through smaller spaces, holes, and hinges.

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