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Murata Electronics SCL3300 Inclination Sensors

Murata Electronics’ SCL3300 is a 3-axis MEMS inclination sensor for applications such as leveling, tilt sensing, machine control, and structural health monitoring.  

The inclinometer provides a ±90° tilt angle output over a SPI interface, eliminating the need for an external ADC. The sensor provides high accuracy measurements, with a 0.0055°/LSB output resolution, ultra-low noise density, and excellent offset stability, and the element is mechanically damped for vibration robustness.

It offers four user selectable measurement modes to optimize the sensor’s performance for different applications. The SCL3300 inclinometer operates from a 3.3V supply with low active and standby current consumption to support use in battery-power applications, and is housed in a 12-pin, 8.6mm x 7.6mm x 3.3mm package.

  • Output: tilt angle (up to ±90°) over SPI interface
  • Angle Output Resolution: 0.0055°/LSB
  • Ultra-low noise density and excellent offset stability
  • Four user selectable measurement modes
  • Current consumption: 1.2mA to 2.1mA active, 3µA standby
  • Package: 12-pin, 8.6mm x 7.6mm x 3.3mm

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