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Murata NMTTL Digital Isolator and NM485 Driver | New Product Brief

April 12, 2017 by Mouser Electronics

Learn more about the NMTTL digital isolator and NM485 driver from Murata.

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NMTTL Digital Isolator and NM485 Driver

Murata Power Solutions offers isolation modules that provide bi-directional communication and multiple power rails, all powered by a single 5 V supply. The NMTTLD6S5MC and NM485D6S5MC integrate either an isolated DC-DC power supply and an RS-485 or TTL transceiver. The power supply provides regulated 5 V and ±6 V isolated supplies for system use.  

The TTL module supports data rates up to 25 Mbps, and the RS-485 module driver and receiver have active high and low enables that can be tied together to provide direction control. The modules are drop-in solutions that require no external components, are SMD-compatible, and have an industrial temperature range.

  • Isolated bi-directional data
  • Isolated power: 5 V regulated, ±6 V unregulated
  • NMTTLD6S5MC: 2 outgoing, 2 incoming TTL date lines
    • Isolation Voltage: 1500 VACrms
    • Data rate: 25 Mbps
  • NM485D6S5MC: Differential driver and receiver
    • Isolation Voltage: 3000 VACrms
    • Data rate: 500 kbps

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