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MURATA Noise Suppression for Rapid Charging Solutions | New Product Brief

October 28, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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MURATA Noise Suppression for Rapid Charging Solutions

Murata’s BLE18PS series of surface mount chip power beads provide noise suppression to reduce interference caused by rapid charging solutions. 

The BLE18PS series is designed to be inserted on the output of the charger’s DC/DC converter.  It has very low DC resistance and is rated for currents up to 8A at 85°C, but it provides high impedance at cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other frequencies commonly used for wireless communication. At these frequencies, the BLE18PS series also functions primarily as a resistor, reducing the possibility of resonances or waveform distortion. 

This results in improved reception sensitivity and fewer communication failures.  BLE18PS series chip power beads use a standard 0603 surface mount case for easy placement in compact designs. 

  • DC resistance: 4mΩ 
  • Rated current: 8A at 85°C 
    • 5A at 125°C 
  • Effective noise suppression at wireless communication frequencies 
    • Impedance at 100MHz: 8.5Ω typical 
  • Functions predominantly as a resistor at noise frequencies 
    • Reduces possibility of resonance or waveform distortion 
  • Improves reception sensitivity for fewer communication failures during rapid charging 
  • Case size: 0603 

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